Monday, February 22, 2016


Feb 22, 2016

How long is it since I bought this domain  >  >?

The idea of debt reduction came near THANKSGIVING 2010  and it was on that day that I told my grandkids  about it.

They liked it  and even gave 35 dollars  contributions .

I contacted my Rep  Hon Louise Slaughter to transmit  my idea ( no details )

I then wrote a check (not to be cashed )  and mailed it with some letters  to the White House . After several months  they sent back the check .

to be cntd

PS<<<<<  I have had many problems to deal with and have not followed up

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I just noticed that my other blogs  do not show up.
ALLIANCEforAMERICA   Pollocracy  UsDebtnomore.US
what has happened

sunday feb 27

Thursday, December 16, 2010


December  6, 2010

Monday i bought 3 domains  from  GO Daddy           
2- USDebtNomore.US

This  is  an effort  for all citizens  to chip in whatever they can  to REDUCE  our National DEBT.
Of course  the Debt  of 14 TRillion  is  HUGE  and  people are now hurting financially............but for those who can  help,  it would be make us all  feel better  that  we are trying to help our country.

Since I am not tek  savvy , i do not  have a website yet.................but am trying to  think what can be done so  i just want to tell you that this  being a NON-PROFIT .............I will not  take any pay for myself   and all proceeds  will be  going to the US  Treasury  for REDUCING the  US   DEBT.